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The possibilities of glass

Joanna Robertson is a Melbourne based creative who specialises in kiln-formed glass.

Her work explores the possible worlds and unique internal spaces in glass, the depiction of self, in one-off cast glass sculptures and light boxes.

Joanna can be contacted for commissioned pieces, collaborative interior design projects and bespoke lighting design.



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Influence, elevate and illuminate the possibilities of glass

— Possible Worlds

Blue Days Lightbox

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Behind the glass

Joanna's glass sculptures are unique small worlds, often with spikes, striking internal forms, sharp edges and shapes.

Her work plays on positive and negative space, interior and exterior light and draws you inside. It is a window, a vessel of light and a depiction of self encapsulated in glass.

Glass is the embodiment of light, it is the fragile world between inside and out. It is beautifully temperamental, fluid, sharp, glowing, organic and optic.